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True Love
What you told me
When I said "I love you."
"fuck off, and die."
So I did
Isn't that what lovers do?
:iconcuriouslyalone:CuriouslyAlone 27 20
True Love
I didn't know love until I met you.
Nothing in my life had ever felt so true.
You were the reason I went day to day,
Washing all of my depression away.
I wish I could make everything all right,
Every second I think of that night.
The way you broke my heart with only few words.
Did more to me than being stabbed by a thousand swords.
I didn't know pain until I met you.
Even know, nothing has ever felt so true.
You used to be the reason I went day to day,
But now your make me wish I could fade away.
:iconerror33:error33 48 28
True Love's Confession
I should have told you, the moment that I met you, that I could fall head over heels for you.
When we spent late nights talking about everything and nothing, I should have told you that I was attracted to you.
When you showed me your sensitive side, then hurriedly tried to cover it with a witty phrase, I should have told you that I was in awe of you.
When the rain was falling, so fast we couldn't see, I should have kissed you.
When the night was cold and you complained of it's bitterness, I should have held your hand.
When you smiled and my knees went weak, I should have told you.
When you touched me, I should have mentioned the jump of my stomach.
When I saw the ache of sadness in your eyes, I should have held you fast to me.
When I looked into your eyes, and you asked what was the matter, I should have told you that I adore you and when you showed me things, no one else has, I should have said, that I feel everything for you.
When you stood beside me and asked why I was staring, I sh
:iconcyre:cyre 124 103
love poems to no one.
Darling, your laughter on a cold day
reminds me of the medicine
my mother used to give me
when my fever was 102 and rising;
it's bitter and acrid
but it works on me anyway.
And you, you dazzling succubus, 
you beautiful disappointment,
there's no time for love
when you're in repose,
pushing up daisies
in the barren fields of Asphodel,
but that's no reason to not try.
You, dear, are a mystery that will never be solved,
a lock with no key, a point of no return.
I am in no state to be addicted to the idea of your love,
but you find your way into my daydreams,
and make them come true.
The past is fossilized in your amber eyes,
the way to your heart is surrounded
by a storm that will never pass.
And I will never be able to brave
the tempest within you, 
But in this moment,
pain has never felt more beautiful.
:iconstarlightt1234:starlightt1234 25 14
4 Random Poems
The One About KitKats
Frick frack
Snick snack
I need a piece of that kitkat
I need a break
It's a mistake
To do things for to-do-them's sake
And I'd live life-
Husband or wife
With obligations and strife
So turn away
While you may
If there's nothing to make you stay
Bring your phone,
The comforts you've known
And go find a new home
A safe place
An empty space
Vacant of life's bitter distastes
And I'll find what I lacked
Roll the cross of my back
Fuck, I want a kitkat.
lisuje is like- really pretty, guys. I promise
A pale, pretty face
Surrounded by sandy dunes
Blue-grey eyes
Real and wild like a typhoon
Watch her hair
Carelessly roll down her back
Watch her skin
Like marble that wouldn't crack
See the graphite
Rubbed on the side of her wrist
See the pencil
Held firmly in her closed fist
Watch her draw
And capture what's actually there
Watch her DA
and Tumblr, if you've time to spare
Azuneechan is love. Azuneechan is life.
I'd seduce your pages
Make their kne
:iconmariamediahere:MariaMediaHere 47 25
More Poems
Beautiful eyes,
Staring at me,
And the brightest smile,
I’ve ever seen,
The face of an angel,
The grace of a god,
A shining halo,
Golden like love,
Skin cream white,
Glowing in the dark,
Like milk against mine,
Like the wings of a dove,
Hair dark as night,
Lengthy and soft,
Hiding his face,
From plain sight,
With a touch like feathers,
And a kiss like the wind,
Lips like petals,
Yet they taste like sin,
He doesn’t speak,
No words are needed,
As he kisses my cheek,
And leaves me dreaming,
Take Me Back
I don’t want to fall,
So far from you,
I want to stand up tall.
And to myself me true,
I want to find my way,
To your arms again,
I didn’t mean,
All those things I said,
Take me back into your
Warm embrace,
Stroke my hair, hold my face,
Take away all my pain,
And wipe all my tears away,
I can’t bring myself,
To face this life alone,
To live a life,
Away from home,
You’re my everything,
You’re my all,
You’re the only one,
That answers when I cal
:icondear-dire-heart:Dear-Dire-Heart 31 17
Random Poems.
To live is to search.
To search is to find.
To find is to love.
To love is to hurt.
To hurt is to forgive,
Or to let the best thing slip through ur hands.
A wilted heart, full of blood.
destroyed by a former love.
when its petals begin to fall,
who will be there to catch them all?
As time passes slowly by,
I watch my life and I cry.
I see her standing there.
Eyes hidden by her hair.
All i know is that Im sorry.
Now I wonder, as i worry.
does she love me,
or doesn't she?
silent prayers in the night,
trying to help me decides whats right.
as i cry,
i hear her sigh,
and feel a shiver of fright.
:icondark-puppy:Dark-Puppy 243 166
I am crying                                                     
Nobody cares
They send me to my room
Up the stairs
I tell the truth
Yet still they think not
I am my own person
I care a lot
I feel as you feel
Angry or sad
Some times these feelings
They make me go mad
I wish they would just
Leave me alone
So this house
May become a home
I seed an out let
Yet still none I find
These things people feel
Blow my mind
Some people hate me
Nobody cares
Yet those who love me
Send me up stairs
I wish and I hope
To grow up fast
So I can go out
Into the world at last
I can not run away
For I would be to sad
I know that they love me
Even when mad
They do not hurt me
They simply yell
Yet some times this
Still leaves ringing bells
One comes
:iconlostinabook:lostinabook 66 22
Gone is what we used to be.
I regret it now; I finally see....
It's time to set these feelings free
That once almost destroyed me.
You probably don't think it's true,
But, yes, I was in love with you.
I just now realized that we're through,
And I think it's split my heart in two.
Even though I know we're over,
Sometimes I still look over my shoulder,
Hoping it's me that you're looking at, though you're holding her.
I can feel my heart freeze.....It gets colder and colder.
One day soon it will break,
But what difference does it make?
I have realized my mistake,
But, alas, it is too late.
To have ever loved in the first place
Was what brought me to such disgrace.
By staying here, I'm losing face.
By leaving, my hopes go to waste.
I won't try to get back together;
I don't think that would work, not ever,
But losing you's got me feeling rather
Not quite right....under the weather.
I know you may not get this letter;
That's probably for the better,
And while my rhyming scheme's not clever,
:iconmadhatterkyoko:madhatterkyoko 227 199
What These Eyes See
With these eyes, I look at thee
And see not what others see
Instead I see beneath the mask
To find out what, you need not ask
You need but look into your heart
To find out what you truly are
Your heart is black, far from divine
But shame on me, for so is mine.
My Angel
You are my angel,  and even though
Your skin may not be as white as snow
Your wings they are the deepest black
That would put to shame a witch’s cat
And instead of a halo, you have horns
The tips of which are sharp as thorns
You’re still my angel, and you should know
Whatever your destination, my soul will go.
I feel I’m trapped, nowhere to go
Time quickly passes and flows
I look around, but can see nothing
Nor hear a sound, nor feel a sting
I believe that you will truly find
That I am trapped within my mind.
What Lies Within
In shadow, in darkness, beneath everyone's guise,
Past the flesh, through the bone, hidden with lies,
A face, a secret, that the world won't abid
:icongraveripper:Graveripper 187 51
Love Poems
To not be alone.
To have someone to wish goodnight to.
To have someone who always cares.
To have someone always understand.
To hear someone say,
I love you.
An aurora of peace and happiness,
The tender touch of love struck me down, unprepared,
When I looked into your eyes.
My heart was like stone,
Hiding away all pain.
Not allowing me to feel.
All it took was for you to say, "I love you,"
To free my heart.
Now I love and it's thanks to you.
I can say with all my heart,
I love you Juliana.   
Desires of the Heart
A desire of the heart,
A passionate flame.
The warmth of a star,
Burning bright inside.
The longings of a soul; for that indescribable light,
Like a moth to flame we fly towards love.  
My love Juliana taught me this.  
Delicate flower,
Blooming tonight,
With a heavenly fragrance.
That describes you,
My love,
My Juliana.
Stretched out on green grass,
With a warm sun overhead.
My mind drifts on the tails of the w
:iconzachthehurricane:ZachtheHurricane 314 156
Four poems
Empty words
are all I hear.
Lies upon lies
are what they are.
Cold words
cut me deeply.
Lasting pain
that never seems to fade.
Accusing words
let guilt destroy me.
Till everything
is my fault.
All these words
do so much damage,
but no one knows...
and no one cares.
I feel so little sympathy,
for the poor cursed strangers I meet.
I care little for the world and it's views,
defying them all for no reason then I can.
I have no passion, I have no drive...
I simply live the life handed to me.
Because I'm cold.
People avoid looking me in the eye,
my frosty gaze unsettles them.
My emotions seem to be non-exsitant,
because they are so numb.
I am so distant from people,
only watching as they die.
Because I'm cold.
There's more to me then that.
A deep longing hidden deep within,
that no one seems to see.
A part of me that screams out,
begging for someone's warm embrace...
someone's love...
because I'm cold.
Take my hand, please?
because I need you so much
that it terrifies me
:icononosokie:Onosokie 196 95
The Little Things
A touch on the arm
A smile
A compliment
One look into your beautiful, blue-green eyes
All I have
I keep in my mind
Replaying over and over
My playlist of you
Of all the little things
The only ones I have
For what good
Is money or possessions
When the one you love
Will never be yours?
When you have to imagine
How it would feel
For your lips to meet?
I'd never tell you
How much I love to hear you speak
How many times I've listened to you
Watched you from across the room
Or how many times I've feared
That you'd realize it
And you can never find out
That my eyes have never seen someone
The way they see you
That my heart has never soared so high
As it did when you touched me
Or that each second I realize more and more
I'm falling
I'm falling
For you
I Should Tell You
Your eyes
Your lips
Your hair
And over
And over in my mind
Do you notice how I look at you?
Do you care?
Beautiful, beautiful wisdom drips from your every word
Craving your approval every second
Of every
:iconjackharknessharter:JackHarknessHarter 120 39
Standing on my roof
Wind blowing in my hair
All alone was I
Because of my who I'd come to be
Others only stared
Then it began to storm
Salt tears on fresh rain
I fell off my roof
Sure soon to feel more pain
You caught me without harm
Even in the awful beating
Of the thundering rain
All the tourment of lonelyness
And all my inside pain
Your my sheild and Coat of Arms
My flag to show the way
After all the awful things I said
Even closer now you stay
And my heart this Rooftop Storm tonight
Forever will be warmed
By a fire I'll never let fade
:iconflaming-guitar:Flaming-Guitar 339 150
Kingfield Road
All too often I take the walk
Along the stretch of Kingfield Road
The walk where I can close my eyes
And trace my hand along the ageing structures
And feel the cracks
The chips, the ruts of familiarity
Sparkling with marks and stains
Of when we’d play too hard
Crying in the moment, but grinning at the remnants
Of a scar, now so exposed
Brushing my crooked fingers through the reaching mosses
The roots are too long, too strong to hide
How it’s changed outside of the shaded windows
And fearsome neighbours
Whose eyes now glint from between the blinds?
They know me somehow, but I don’t know them
And I don’t judge them
I reach the end of the wall
And lose my hand in the thoughtful daze
Of racing down this street in blurs of shiny red
A hand to my feet, a tussle of my head
And that was all
The only thing I no longer have
But never miss, until I stop
And lower my briefcase to the ground
In a mute thud; to trace my hand
As the aches disband
And I chuckle- the tips grow cold
:iconautumn-cannibal:autumn-cannibal 8 28
These Are a few riddles I found while surfing the web.  Tell me what you think.  Answers are at the bottom.
Q1: The following sentence is false. The preceding sentence is true. Are these sentences true or false?
Q2: A murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose between three rooms. The first is full of raging fires, the second is full of assassins with loaded guns, and the third is full of lions that haven't eaten in 3 years. Which room is safest for him?
Q3: What's the least number of chairs you would you need around a table to sit four fathers, two grandfathers, and four sons?
Q4: Look at me. I can bring a smile to your face, A tear to your eye, Or even a thought to your mind. But, I can't be seen. What am I?
Q5: You do not want to have it, But when you do have it, You do not want to lose it? What is it?
Q6: What goes up and never goes down?
Q7: One word in this sentence is misspelled. What word is it?
Q8: There is a frog, dead in the middle of an island. If
:icongoatmanherooftherepu:GoatmanHerooftheRepu 18 9


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